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    Explain the precautions of automobile hub bearings

    Explain the precautions of automobile hub bearings

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    Pay attention to the early warning signal of bearing wear: including any friction noise during rotation or abnormal deceleration of the suspension combination wheel when turning.
    If you hear noise from the hub bearing, first find the location where the noise occurs.
    Even if only one bearing is broken, it is recommended to replace them in pairs.
    Hub bearings are relatively sensitive, and in any case, the correct method and appropriate tools are required.
    When installing the bearing, it should be in a clean and tidy environment. Fine particles entering the bearing will also shorten the service life of the bearing.
    Do not attempt to disassemble the hub bearing or adjust the seal ring of the hub unit, otherwise the seal ring will be damaged and water or dust will enter.
    Improper installation of hub bearings equipped with ABS magnetic thrust rings may cause the brake system to fail.
    When installing and closing the curtain, due to the difference in bearing type and bearing seat, the magnitude of torque varies greatly.