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When registering, please write down the username and password you are about to create -- you will use these to log in each time you visit. Make sure to add Fan Site Productions to your safe list in your email so you can receive information about your membership!

Basic membership is $19.99 plus shipping and handling ($7 US, $14 International). The membership fee is good for one year and membership is open to everyone. At the end of your year, you can choose to renew. Renewal is not automatic. If you do choose to renew, you will receive another tee-shirt with a new design each year. For additional information, please visit our F.A.Q. section.

Since 2006, MANY lucky fans have won prizes signed equipment, meet and greets, free concert tickets, autographed CD inserts, used drumsticks, signed glossies, signed CD samplers, tee-shirts, signed drumheads, signed cymbals, autographed vinyl albums, USBs with a sneak peak of an unreleased song, and more!

International members welcome!!!

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